Step 2 CS Workshops » Day 3

The culmination of the three day workshop. The student will utilize skills learned on Days One and Two. Day Three offers a practical, hands-on experience interviewing a standardized patient, and observation and discussion of up to 13 SP cases. DAY THREE IS NOT A MOCK EXAM.

  • On Day Three, students will get the opportunity to put what they have learned in Days One and Two to practical use
  • Up to 13 SP cases most typical of those presented on the Step 2 CS examination will be presented
  • Each student will each be assigned one case at random. In front of a small group, in a supportive, educational atmosphere, the student will: conduct a (timed) 10 minute history of their SP; and receive 10-15 minutes of feedback from Dr. Swartz, Anna Lank, and the SP
  • The student will then get to observe and discuss up to 12 more cases
  • Each student will complete two Patient Notes on a timed session of the computer, using the exact USMLE Patient Note format, which will be personally reviewed by Dr. Swartz
  • All patient notes and cases will be thoroughly de-briefed in a comprehensive discussion of all cases
  • Day ends at approximately 7 PM

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