Step 2 CS Workshops » Day 2

A comprehensive and interactive workshop continuing the skills learned on Day One. Day Two develops skills in how to begin your SP encounter, examines the structure and development of a specific SP case, and covers in detail all the physical examination maneuvers necessary for the exam. Day Two is conducted by Mark H. Swartz, M.D., Anna Lank, and an SP/medical educator.

  • Unique hands-on “greeting” exercise designed to lessen your anxiety, promote confidence and address the spoken English element in the initial crucial moments of your standardized patient encounter
  • Interactive practicum of a history, physical examination, and write-up on a specific patient, role-played by Dr. Swartz, including in-depth examination of Differential Diagnosis and Management of that case for the Patient Note
  • Discussion and live demonstration of the comprehensive head-to-toe physical exam on an experienced standardized patient, and ask questions of the standardized patient
  • Discussion of the requirements of the Step 2 CS with regards to the physical exam, what does and does not need to be done, proper draping, proper approach, etc.
  • Demonstration of correct use of all medical instruments (e.g., ophthalmoscope, otoscope, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, tuning forks, reflex hammer, etc.)
  • Day ends at approximately 5 PM
  • NEW! REQUESTED BY OUR STUDENTS! OPTIONAL ADD-ON¬†Physical exam practice with a highly experienced SP (trained by Dr. Swartz) in the evening after Day Two ends. Further details available upon enrollment.

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