Step 2 CS Workshops » Day 1

A comprehensive and interactive workshop on history taking and communication skills conducted by Mark H. Swartz, M.D., geared specifically to the current and future Step 2 CS examination

  • Brief history of the Step 2 CS Examination
  • Clear step-by-step explanation of the Step 2 CS patient interview examination requirements and procedures
  • Thorough discussion and demonstration of proper and improper ways to take a patient history in the United States; what to say, what not to say, and how to say it
  • How to manage communication challenges in patients and meet the four “types” of patients by role playing
  • A discussion of “all things American” with regards to social interactions in the clinical exam
  • Instruction on how to elicit an effective sexual history, illustrated by role-playing
  • Watch and discuss video presentations of actual standardized patient encounters
  • Day ends at approximately 7 PM

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