Dear Dr. Swartz, Ginny, Anna and all the SPs,

I just learned that I have passed!! Thank you so much for everything.

I attended your August workshop, and you may remember, I didn’t do well on the history with the patient on the 3rd day of the workshop. I left the workshop feeling pretty low, but I resolved to work hard using all the feedback you gave me. Although I was not totally happy with my performance on the Step 2-CS exam, with the kind of training that you gave me, obviously nothing could have gone wrong and… I passed!!

Believe me; I’ve never walked into an exam feeling so confident about myself. I found myself following the protocol almost mechanically during the exam. It was as if I could hear Dr. Swartz saying, “Knock!Introduce yourself…Drape…” and so on. The interview techniques you taught us were great. I felt as though I really connected with the patients!there was just the kind of ‘ping-pong’ of conversation that Anna emphasized. At the end of my third encounter, the SP told me, “Thank you doctor that was great.” That gave me a big boost of confidence, and I sailed through my remaining encounters.

I would recommend your workshop without hesitation to all who plan to take the CS exam.

Thanks again!I find myself using the skills you have taught me, everyday in my clinical practice…C3NY for life!

Shweta Rao, M.D.India