Dear Ms. Lank and Dr. Swartz,

I got my step 2 cs scores today morning, and I passed. I would like to thank you and the standardized patients for your insight and help. I was in the October 2008 batch.

I would like to share my experience in Philadelphia. The staff and sps were all very nice. I did have one telephone case. I took your advice and made conversation with the patients. Timing was not too difficult for me as I usually was on the last few lines of closing when the end bell sounded. The part which I found most helpful after attending your classes is that for a few patients who didn’t tell you what the main complaint was, it took casual conversation, not a memorized list of questions, to gain the real information from them.

After each patient I felt that I didn’t know what the diagnosis was, and I was quite worried. But then I remembered Dr. Swartz saying to us that if the diagnosis is very clear, then you are not getting the real picture.

Overall even though our interaction was a short one lasting only 3 days, it was a very intense one. Hopefully my CS scores will help me to match for 2009.

Nandini Yadav, M.D.India