Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,

My name is Ran Zhang, and I took the workshop at Feb, from Feb 13th to Feb 15th. And I just got my CS result – PASSED!! As promised, I am writing to you immediately, really want to share the happiness, and express my appreciation!!

I got the email saying my score is available, and I logged in and downloaded the pdf file of my result. Before opening it, I had severe tachycardia, even arrhythmia maybe, and then I saw the word. I thought a lot in the past 5 minutes, and the scenes of the 3-day C3NY workshop re-appeared like showing a movie.

I did everything you taught me in the exam, 3 deep breaths before each encounter that Anna told me, communication, comfort, sympathy, even I was nervous and maybe panic a little bit, but I followed your instructions tightly, and that’s why I passed. (And also everything you said and expected was true, I felt terrible after exam, and even worse when closer to the the score report period, I thought I lost many things, skipped a bit in physical examination, et al. Although Dr. Swartz said that was normal, I could not convince myself before knowing the results.)

Couldn’t say thank you more! It’s hard for me to express how much I appreciate your help and support! I am only one case of your thousands of students, but the other way around, your help provided solid foundation leading to the success for me!

Thank you so much,TRULY and DEEPLY!!

Ran Zhang, M.D.China