Good Afternoon Dr. Swartz,

I found out that I passed the exam today!! I was nervous before I open the file since I failed three times previously. However, I passed this time with high marks on all three sections!

I like to thank you, Ms. Anna Lank and all the actors and actresses who helped me understand not only let me pass the Step 2CS exam, but also taught me how to treat other human beings genuinely and kindly.

It was a remarkable education for three days. Dr. Swartz, I like to tell you that I am a living your testimony! I even had all the rotation in the United States and I had been told by other doctors that I have quite good communication skills. However, I failed three times with very low score in data gathering, patient note section and even other parts. I believed your teaching from the first day with all my heart and learned and practiced them. Now I passed with very high score!

Thank you again and have a wonderful day Dr. Swartz!

Younsuk Kim, M.D.Korea