Hi Doctor Swartz,

I am Mustafa from Turkey. I took my exam on 3rd of June in Philadelphia, and I got my results recently. I passed…

As you know I took the May C3NY workshops, and I tried to apply all things you said in the workshops. Before I took the workshop, I had a very different understanding about the exam. I was dwelling too much on details like the differential diagnoses and the details of patient note etc…and I was thinking that they could be important. After the workshop, I understood what the exam is all about: it is more of an assessment of communication than an assessment of my medical knowledge.

You are an excellent teacher, and I really learned a lot about communication and medicine. I will always remember you.

I am happy with the result, and I thank you, Mrs. Lank, and Ginny for your help.

Wish you all the best in life.

Mustafa Kurkluoglu, M.D.Turkey