Dear Dr. Swartz,

I was in your class in the November 2007 workshop. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to let you know that I learned today that I passed the CS exam.

I have previously failed this exam 2 times, in the ICE part both times. I don’t know what happened each time, but this time when I took the exam for the 3rd time in Houston, I just did exactly like what you have told in the class: “JUST TO FOLLOW THE PATIENT’S LEADS”.. that’s all I did differently, and I have passed this time and am now ECFMG certified!

The course was just absolutely fantastic. Thank you, thank you so much. I don’t have words to let you know how thankful I am. Thanks to Anna Lank too who was there most of the time during the classes trying to coordinate and teach us what the SP’s expect from us.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely

NA, M.D.India