Dear Dr. Swartz,

I attended the C3NY workshop for USMLE Step 2 CS in the month of June 2012. It was my first week in the USA. I was doing my rotation in Florida, I travelled to NYC for this workshop.

As an International Medical graduate, Step 2 CS was a concerning exam for me, though there were so many misguided information underestimating the exam. But I went to the workshop, and I experienced a unique training which gives me an exact simulation and understanding the exam.

The 3 day course by Dr. Swartz was an excellent way of not only understanding the exam, but also was very helpful in mastering the differences in communication in the USA, which helped me big time even in my elective rotations.

The key feature of the workshop is the last day where you can actually practice with a standardized patient in front of Dr. Swartz and your fellow participants and get immediate constructive feedback from all of them.

On the day of exam, I just followed what the course guided me to do, of course with extensive practice after getting trained in the worshop.

I recently cleared my Step 2 CS with high performance in all three categories. I whole heartedly and strong recommend the C3NY workshop for every candidate (esp IMGs) without any reservation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Swartz and his team for doing a wonderful job and being an important part on our road to residency.

Thanks for everything Dr. Swartz!

Hashim Abbas, M.D.India