Dear People from C3NY,

After 7 weeks of anxiety and waiting, I got my Step 2-CS result. I PASSED THANK GOD.

I’m really happy and thankful to all of you from C3NY. During the June 2006 Workshop, I built the confidence that I needed to succeed in the exam. I just did what Doctor Swartz told us……….”This exam is a matter of communication with the patient in which you have to show the humanistic part of being a doctor”……….YOU A RE REALLY A “MAESTRO”……MASTER DOCTOR SWARTZ.

Thanks once again to Doctor Swartz, Anna, and the SPs. The workshops made a real difference in my confidence and attitudes toward the exam.

Besides learning how to deal with this nerve-racking exam, I learned many important aspects that I will apply during my professional life. That’s why I extremely recommend this course to ANYBODY facing Step 2-CS.

Best regards

Fabian Delgado, M.D.Ecuador