We here at C3NY realize that not everyone can travel and take the three day NYC workshop. If you can, the workshop is far and away the best way to prepare for the exam.

However if you cannot, or if you want additional practice, we offer a program with specially selected SP/Medical Educators available to coach you on Skype.

The SP/Medical educators who do this coaching have worked with C3NY for a minimum of five years. They all have extensive experience in communication skills, history taking and physical examination skills, and have logged many, many hours evaluating and preparing students to take the USMLE Step 2 CS exam, with students at our constituent institutions; New York Medical College, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, and at many other institutions. Together, you and the SP/Medical Educator will design a session to specifically address your needs. These individuals will assess your skills in a demo case, offer feedback, and then work on areas that need addressing.

…The Skype sessions honed the skills which I received from the in class sessions.  They pointed me in the appropriate direction – letting the patient be in control of interview time (patient centered interview).  They also provided me with a little apprehension of what I was going to face during CS.  I took the lessons learned from the sessions and applied them with some discomfort.  But it worked!!  I passed!! Thanks very much for all your help.  I know I would not approach the CS the way I did if not instructed by C3NY program and reinforced by the Skype sessions…

Thanks again,


Ontario, Canada

$130 for two hours (one 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions, to be arranged with SP/Medical Educator); two hour minimum purchase. Discount for students who attended the C3NY Workshop.

Please note: sessions are for practicing cases only; they are not intended to provide information about the details of the exam. Requests must be made at least three business days in advance.

Click here for more information and to set up sessions